Jualan Firmware Sony Ericsson Universal [nonBox]

Mau Flashing atau repair software Hape Sony Ericsson tapi gak punya Box repair? Bisa..!
sekarang udah banyak beredar Software-Software Free untuk Flashing Sony Ericsson yg sudah support sampai type-type terbaru.
Untuk type DB2020 ke bawah bisa menggunakan Software XS++. Dan untuk type diatas 2020 bisa mengunakan A2 Uploader ataupun Far+JDflaher.
Jika Software sudah ada, bagaimana dengan firmware nya?
Kami memberikan solusi buat anda yg mempunyai koneksi internet yg kurang bagus.
Paket Firmware Sony Ericsson Universal yg di kemas dalam 3 DVD ini sudah termasuk Software dan tutorial penggunaan.

Untuk List Firmware bisa dilihat disini

Berapa harga paket 3 DVD ini? Hanya Rp. 100,000,- saja, belum ongkos kirim
Untuk Ongkos kirim bisa dilihat di http://www.tikijne.co.id (pengiriman dari Surabaya)

List Firmware

Rek BCA: 513 007 4555
KCP Perak Surabaya a/n Darwis

Rek BNI: 0118672595
Cab Bojonegoro a/n Rochani Agustin

Contact Person:
081357444443 [SMS only]


A2Uploader + Tutorial

Finally you can mod your DB3150 Phones. Thanks to laser.

Laser has released a File System Customizations to customize your A2/DB3150 phones.
DB3150 phones are k660, k850, w910, w595 etc.
All new sony ericsson phones are DB3150 !
Till now it was not possible to modify the fs/upload anything to your phone in case it was A2/DB3150 but now it is possible!

You can add flash menus, change camera driver, change acoustics, add languages and much more the same way as xs++ to A2 phones through it.

Now installing drivers.

  1. Unpack a2 uploader archive.
  2. Inside it you will find USBFlash_driversdpinst.exe ! Execute it to install USB Flash drivers in an automated process.
  3. In newer ones you will find ggsetup, use this setup files to install usb flash drivers.

Now lets get on the main part i.e. uploading stuff to fs.

  1. Run a2uploader.exe
  2. Switch off your cell phone and take out the battery and plug it back,dont switch it on back!
  3. Now come to a2 uploader. Click on FileSystem tool there at righ pannel.
  4. Now plug in the phone with C key pressed on your phone and don’t leave until the C button a2 uploader detects it.
  5. Now your FS will be opened and now u can easily upload files by drag n drop method !
  6. You can copy files form the phone to computer for backup via A2 Uploader again by drag and drop again.

Here are few of the pics for more !

Special thanks to jameslewis for providing these pics!

Directories where the appropriate files are to be uploaded:-

  • – Menu: / tpa / preset / system / menu /
  • – Drivers sound: / ifs / settings / acoustic /
  • – Drivers camera: / ifs / settings / camera /
  • – Images / Sounds Start-Up/Shut-down: / tpa / preset / system / settings /
  • – Sound System: / tpa / preset / system / sound /
  • – Sources: / tpa / preset / system / fonts /
  • – Archives (images / sounds / etc): / tpa / user /

For latest downloads i would suggest you to join our support forums SE-LifeStyle or request here whatever you need ! You can find lots of downlaod content for customizing your phones at forums like se-nse, topse, se-lifestyle etc.

Update: A new version of A2 Uploader has been released. You can now copy files from the phone’s file system to your computer before you make changes in the phone ! The download link has been added ;) ! You can now even flash firmwares with the latest A2uploader.


Credits goes to akshayy.com

Far Manager with JDFlasher plugin + Video

JD Flasher flasher is now full fledged flashing and patching tool. It supports db2010 db2012, db2020 flashing and patching all CIDs. PNX5230 only flashing is supported. For A2 phones check out A2uploader. You can find out about phone platform from the phone database.
You can thus perform all customizations like uploading flash menus, acoustics, walkman skins etc.

Quick Tutorial on how to use JDFlasher.

First install USB Flash Driver [How to install].
Installing JD Flasher: JDFlasher+Far Manager !
Connecting phone to JDflasher.

  • 1. Shutdown phone.
  • 2. Start Far Manger.
  • 3. Press Alt+F1, select JDflasher.
  • 4. In script, choose a phone if available else choose script as db2010/db2020.
  • 5. Speed select the max, and port is DCU-60 as always.
  • 6. Hit Jump Down Into a Large Rabbit hole.
  • 7. Reinsert battery.
  • 8. Connect phone holding C.
  • 9. Wait for Initialization.

Note on Exit: In order to successfully shutdown phone, you just move to root by clicking … option at the top and JDflasher will ask if you want to quit. Always exit after you finish your operations.
Getting back once you are in will at least 2 options and maximum of 4 options depending upon your phone and depending upon the script. All phones will get ofs/oflash. The four options are,

  • 1. oflash >> Regular FW Flashing Mode to flash firmware/debrand/Crossflash.
  • 2. ofs >> Usual Far Manager usage mode to upload thing to FS
  • 3. bfs >> breakin FS mode with FS read.
  • 4. bflash >> breakin FW flashing mode used for vkp and mod babe flash.

Using JDFlasher !
Oflash/Flashing for Firmware/Debranding/flashing vkp etc.

  • 1. Start JDflasher.
  • 2. Connect phone to JdFlasher as said above.
  • 3. Enter oflash mode.
  • 4. On right side navigate to firmware location on computer.
  • 5. Select firmware in the right side.
  • 6. Press F5.
  • 7. Click Copy.
  • 8. Then Ensure that the option flash as babe image is selected. (babe for firmwares, mbn, fbn)
  • 9. Click “Yeah Flash it”.
  • 10. Wait for flashing of all blocks to complete.

You can flash main/fs using jdflasher. To debrand the phone flash both the main and fs. Also remember after flashing FS you need to add the CDA. Download CDA and copy them to tpa/preset/custom using ofs. If you forget to add the cda files to phone fs using ofs then you will end up getting a Configuration Error.


  • 1. Start Jdflasher.
  • 2. Select script.
  • 3. Connect phone as told.
  • 4. Enter ofs.
  • 5. Navigate in the file system and upload files according.
  • 6. Check out the video given, it shows uploading of files to phone file system.
  • 7. Using Ofs option you can upload flash menus, acoustics, camera drivers, skins etc
  • 8. To exit from OFS you should move to Root by clicking … ! They finally click ok and exit jdflasher.

Important NOTES:

Note db2010 users: Make sure that the REST file for your phone is present in JDflasher Rest Directory. If not just use the mkrest2.exe to make the rest file. Just Drag your FS Fbn file on mkrest2 to get the REST file for your phone. Mkrest2 is given with JDflasher in REST folder.

Note db2020 users: If you use any of the breaking methods while using db2020 script then you will have to re flash main firmware always before exit.
Bfs/Breakin FS: Is same as ofs but with FS read, which means you can copy files from phone FS to your computer.
Bflash/Breaking Flash: Used to apply patches, can be used to flash firmware also. Now a quick tutorial to apply patches for db2010, The tutorial to apply patches for db2020 is bit different please refer here.

  • 1. Connect phone.
  • 2. Enter Bflash.
  • 3. Navigate to patch on right side.
  • 4. Hit F5.
  • 5. Click Copy.
  • 6. Ensure the option flash as vkp is selected
  • 7. Click Yeah flash it.
  • 8. Wait for patch flash.
  • 9. Then apply more patches.
  • 10. Then Exit by moving to root.

If you wanted to remove a patch, select the patch that you had applied, press F5, Click copy, then you will find the usual options and also a option to check/select remove patch.

Far Manager with JDFlasher plugin


Credits goes to akshayy.com

BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers


FREE JAF Nokia BB5Plus No TP Unlocker v2.01 by Zulea

– Added “Make unlocked PM” function
(can be safely used on all new BB5+ who have write protectede PM120 and PM308)
This function create unlocked PM (fields 120 and 308) file in text (*.PM) format.
For unlock phone, have to write this file using any box software like JAF, MT, UB, …
Some new models like 5800, N85, … require SX4 PM authorization before!
– Included PM120 in backup and restore operations for BB5+ phones
– All backups are now saved in PM format too (can be used with another boxes)

This software was released by FREE because Raskal have to pay me 108451 EUR + 83445$.
Unlocking market killing will continue until Raskal pay his debts to me.

FREE unlock Nokia RAPIDO BB5+ base by Zulea

Just need UFS box!!

MobileController Professional v1.5

MobileController Professional v1.5

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