JAF udah bisa buat Sony Ericsson..!

JAF P-Key sekarang mampu untuk mengoprek Hape Sony Ericsson. Cukup bermodalkan P-key dan software gratisan SEFLASHER.exe, kita sudah bisa melakukan flashing Hape Sony Ericsson. Urungkan dulu niat untuk nebus SETOOL..

2007-09-14 New SEMC ServiceClient (P-Key) release 1.0

Offline features:

  • Factory reset (reset phone lock, clam/flip counter, total call time on-the-fly)
  • Firmware flashing (supports Binary/MBN/FBN files)
  • Device identification (Displaying IMEI/CID/GDFS values)
Supported CID:
  • CID49
  • CID51
  • CID52
Supported models:


  • K530, K550, K550im, K610, K610im, K618, K770, K790, K790a, K800i, K810, K818, S500, T650, T658, V630, W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W850, W880
  • K850, W910, Z750. * DB3150 supports only device identification.

How to perform “Flashing”

1. pasang JAF P-KEY dan buka program SEFLASHER.exe

2. klik Read device dan Identifikasi CID dari Hape sebelum flashing

4. “Flashing…”

5. Hape sukses di flashe dan finishing.

How to perform “Factory reset”

1. klik Factory reset dan pasang Hape.

2. Gambar setelah berhasil melakukan factory reset.


>>>Download SEFLASHER for JAF P-Key<<<

Thanx to Admin of Forum Plus62 and G-bluez..

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