Update HWK Release 28/10/2007

Setelah sekian lama gak update, akhirnya HWK mengeluarkan update Software yg menurut aq sangat bagus. karena, selain semakin lengkap, Software ini juga sangat mumpuni untuk Hape Nokia BB5 yg sebelumnya menjadi salah satu titik lemah HWK.
Selain fitur untuk BB5, Yg patut diapresiasi adalah software SE-DBx nya! di beberapa forum disebutkan bahwa beberapa type ponsel yg gak tembus di Flashing Box yg spesialist SonEr kayak Cruiser atau SEtool, pake SE-BDx langsung Tembus!


HWK Release 28/10/2007

Release Date: 28/10/2007

Please run the upgrade client after you have installed the software, follow the instructions careful.

The Update Client is launched after install, if you cancel without making the update, you can run the Update Client again, by selecting the shortcut on the Start Menu:-
Programs\SarasSoft\UFS\Utilities\Update Client

If the HWK is a “TRIAL” or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.

New Users or users who un-installed the old version, should download and install the HWK Support Suite and run the client, before trying to install the full HWK Suite

UFS_DCTxBB5 v2.0.6

1. Dual Line flashing for BB5 introduced (Required UFS firmware V2.8 2007)
2. All avalaible phones supported (including RAPIDO v1.12, v1.13)
3. “Verify” function for BB5 added.
4. Latest Flash Update pack ( supported.
5. Support of Muxed Nand.

Do not use external VPP adapter with RX2 enabled cables, since this will put VPP direct to RX2 and its possible to KILL the phone. This has always been the case with 7 pin cables, but from this release 7 pin cables are supported by UFS+HWK.

UFS_LG_GSM v2.0.6

1. KG290 support added.
2. “Support” button, to access support site.

UFS_SAMs v2.0.6

Remade user interface.
“Support” button, to access support site.
E950,F200,J600,J600E,J608,U300,U308,X830N added.
Read Codes for J600,J600E,J608
E598,E768,G600 added.
Unlock Codes on Info for D820,D900,E250,E740,G600.

UFS_SeDBx v2.0.6

1. “Skip Info Checking” allows reflash dead phones.
2. “Support” button, to access support site.

Many thanks to all those who have supported us!!!


Download Software disini:



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