USB-Smart SEMC Tool 8.7

USB-Smart SEMC Tool 8.7 | 4,17 MB

USB-Smart multiplatform dongle original it’s ultimate device allowing fast movements in protection and updates. Based on IBM BlueZ Java Smart Card and own driver for smartcard reader. Possibility to FULL update ALL contents of Smart Card very secure (3DES) over online update by client/server software. Avoid any clone, and future updates can be provided secured and identified for each user. Possibility to choose in future for small fees other models/updates available for USB-Smart multi-box platform. Each user is identified at online update server and at support download based on secure challenge ask/response produced inside dongle by IBM Java Smart Card.


* first software who READ any zone of flash (Main, File System, Eeprom, EROM) and save the file in REGULAR format who can be used later as input exactly like original files
* first software who accept UNSIGNED flash files as input for write to phone
* Multiple interfaces to connect to phone: Cruiser/Fighter 4 in 1 cable, DSS-20/25 SEMC sync station, T28 serial cable (only for new ARM SEMC phones), Terminator dongle, (JAF and Twister/UFS will be added)
* full repair flashes available in Support Area, allow EASY (kids job) repair of ANY software damage of new SEMC phones
* not need any testpoints on ANY CID, works on all models and Flash/OTP CID numbers (16, 29, 36)
* automaticaly convert RED CID 36 phones to BROWN (to allow unlocking) and after opertaion is done, convert back to RED (user not need to manualy do this operations)
* automaticaly recover damaged certificates, without any selection of files from user, based on OTP CID number.
* super fast write flash, 8 MBytes in less than 2 min. based on algorithm idea from GTI box
(921kbps on DB2010 platform and 430kbps on DB2000 platform)
* same super fast read flash speed
* easy convert K750 to W800, D750 to K750, V800 to Z800, F500 to K500 (also back conversion is possible too).
* no need multiple operations to repair or convert phones, software was developed to allow very easy using
* collected ideas and features (only the good ones) from more tools already available on market


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