Series 60 Theme Studio Carbide.ui 3.1.1

One of the much vaunted features of Nokia’s Series 60 range of phones is the capability of personalising your handset with custom themes. Just as we’re now encouraged to ‘skin’ desktop applications such as WinAmp media player, so Nokia want us to develop a more personal attachment to our phones by choosing or even creating our own themes. Series 60 Theme Editor is Nokia’s own free tool for creating complete theme packages.

Theme Editor’s installation includes some atypical steps, so it’s important that you don’t rush through the installation. The most problematic step is selecting default editors for bitmaps, vectors and sound files. No guidance is given for this step, and no default editing programs were found on my test system. Without any assistance from the manual, this proved to be a major stumbling block in getting the program to function at all. I’d therefore recommend installing Adobe PhotoShop for Windows prior to attempting to install Theme Editor, as the install program should detect PhotoShop as a default bitmap and vector editor.

At the end of the installation, I was prompted to restart the computer now, or wait and do it myself later. I chose to wait, but the installer immediately started trying to close my computer down. I managed to stop it, but this was an annoying reminder of why you’re always warned to close all other applications before an installation: things can go wrong.

Once up and running, Theme Editor doesn’t really improve much. After a few minutes tinkering with the program’s interface, it becomes clear that this is not an application aimed at users with a basic to intermediate skill level. Creating themes is a time consuming, fiddly and perplexing chore – as is trying to find help in the program’s manual. This is a shame, because Theme Editor is graphically well designed and looks like it could be used to produce some stunning results, if only it weren’t aimed at developers only.

In all, Nokia Series 60 Theme Editor is a disappointingly complex tool really aimed only at developers.



Recent changes in Series 60 Theme Studio:

  • The latest version adds support for S60 3rd Edition and its new theme capabilities, including morphing themes and animated effects.

OS requirements for Series 60 Theme Studio:

  • OS: Symbian

Mobile Full Series:

  • Symbian 6 Series 60
  • Symbian 6 Series 60 1.0
  • Symbian 6 Series 60 1.2
  • Symbian 7 Series 60 2.0
  • Symbian 7 Series 60 2.1
  • Symbian 8 Series 60 2.6
  • Symbian 8 Series 60 2.8
  • Symbian 9.1 Series 60 3rd Ed

Compatible devices:

Click here for a complete list of compatible devices.


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