Mobile eBook Reader

MobiPocket Reader can read PDF, file Docs and TXT file. You can buy new books online from the application and download it to your mobile. You can also download lot of free ebooks also, though the download links for free ebooks are not given in the phone application.

The interface is good with nice readable font. You can control color, font size, orientation (landscape / portrait) etc. Please see the screen shots below.

screenshot0010.jpg screenshot0011.jpgscreenshot0012.jpgscreenshot0006.jpg

  • Install “mobireadersetup.msi” on your PC or NB
  • Install “mobireader_xxx.yyy”(x,y is your Phone model) to your Phone.
  • Run “Mobipocket Reader” on your PC/NB, phone will be connect directly
  • Just Drag n Drop your File to “Mobipocket Reader” window.
  • Enjoy to read


mobireader for Symbian 60v1
Nokia 3600/3620/3650/3660/6600/7650/N-Gage/N-Gage QD – Siemens SX1

mobireader for Symbian 60v2
Nokia 3230/6260/6620/6630/6670/6680/6681/6682/7610/N70/N72/N90

mobireader for Symbian 60v3
Nokia 3250/5500/E50/E60/E61/E62/E70/N71/N73/N75/N80/N91/N92/N93/N93i/N95

mobireader for Symbian 80v1
Nokia 9210/9210i

mobireader for Symbian 80v2
Nokia 9300/9500

mobireader for Symbian UIQv2
Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 – Motorola A920/A925/A1000/M1000 – BenQ P30

mobireader for Symbian UIQv3
Sony Ericsson M600/P990/W950


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