WM5 and WM6 Application pack

Acro Design Audio Bay 2.2
Activekitten Chronos 2.9.4
Agile Messenger AMST-WMPPC-5
Alien6 A6.Times
ATEKsoft Cool Camera 1.14b2
Avina Soft Quick Notes 1.1
Avina Soft Shopping List 1.0
Avina Soft Timer 1.1
Binarys Smart Explorer
Binarys SP Task Manager
Birdsoft EXtreme Agenda 1.5.3
Clear Type Powertoy
Code City City Time Alarms 2.0.0 Beta
Conduits Pocket Player 3.01
Core Codec Core Player
Cyberhorse Workshop Auto Flight 4.3.1
Cyberhorse Workshop Nine Way Keypad 2.2
DC And Co. ISilo 4.32
Developer One Agenda One 1.00.3204
Developer One Code Wallet Pro 2006 6.11
Div X Player Mobile 0.83
Efficasoft Cele Task 2.1.2305.4623
Efficasoft Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor 3.51
E-Mobile Pocket Streamer Deluxe QVGA 1.5
FCalc 1.0
Fizz Software Fizz Bill Now 2.1
Fizz Software Fizz Monitor 3.0
Fizz Software Fizz Traveller 2.31
Fonix Voice Dial 2.1
Ghisler Total Commander 2.5 Pb2
HIL Alarm
IA Style IA Album 1.60.11016
IBE File Manager
IBE Task Manager 1.0.1623
IBE Tweaks
Idokorro Mobile Admin 3.2.22
Ilium EWallet
Ilium Keep Track
Ilium List Pro
Ilium News Break
JETware Bluetooth Hands-free Extension 1.11
Jeyo Personalizer 1.0
Land Ware Leonard Maltin Movie Guide 2007 1.2.22
Lonely Cat Games Profi Mail 2.41
Lonely Cat Games Smart Movie 3.2.2
Lou Terrailloune Smart SS+ 2.1
Madbeetle Homescreen Animation Plugin 1.04
Maniac Amp Tweaks 1.1
Maniac Automatic Keylock 3.87
Maniac Backlight Toggler
Maniac Cell Profile Switcher 2.14
MASPware Check List 1.8
MASPware GPSmeter 3.2
Metro 5.41
Microsoft .NET Compact Network 2.0 SP1
Microsoft Voice Command US 1.50
MIGsof T Smart Tweaker 1.04
Mo Blue 0.11
Mo Da Co Card Cache
Mobi Mate World Mate 2005 1.0.2
Mobipocket Reader 5.2
Motile Tech Sniper 1.1.237
Mpeg TV Pocket TV Pro 1.2.15
My Cn Know Eye On Call 0.65.b8
My Cn Know Eye On Thief 2.0.1
My Cn Know Info Sharp 0.60
My Cn Know Right Menu 1.70
Newsland For Windows Smartphone 5.0 1.5
Novosec SMARTFilter Pro 1.3
OLSOFT Stock Quotes .NET
Omega One Battery Pack Pro 1.5.3
Opera 8.0.1557
Orneta Explorer Mobile 1.0
Orneta Notepad Mobile 3.0
Orneta Reader Mobile 1.5.0
Oxios Alarm 1.3.1
Oxios Memory 1.30
Oxios Tasks Plugin 1.61
Oxios To Do List 6.0.3
Oxios To Do List 6.11
Paragon Slovo Ed 2.0
Personal Mobile Recorder
Phat Ware Phat Notes 4.7.2 (4.399.0619)
Phat Ware Phat Sketch 1.0 (1.029.0717)
PHM Registry Editor 0.70
Pinnasoft Call Assistant 1.1
Pinnasoft CHM Reader 1.4
Pocket Kai Kais Smart Pack 1.0
Pocket Kai MP3 Alarm Pro 4.0
Pocket Lingo Abbreviations Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo Bible Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo College Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo Cultural Literacy Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo Idioms 2.0
Pocket Lingo Medical 2nd Edition Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo Net 2.0
Pocket Lingo Office Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo Spanish Dictionary 2.0
Pocket Lingo Thesaurus 2.0
Pocket Lingo Wall Street 2.0
Pocket Mind Pocket Music 2.0
Pocketx Software Inc Photo Contacts Pro 4.0
Repli Go 2.0.3
Resco Explorer 2005 5.32
Resco Photo Viewer 5.33
Resco Pocket Radio 1.6
Resco System Toys 1.31
Revolutionary Software Front Lextionary 2.0
Rikisoft Abstract Start 3.0
Rivia Gentimer 1.0
SBSH Facade 1.20
SBSH Papyrus 1.3.10
Shape All Reader+ 1.0.2
Shape IM+ 1.25
Smart Gadu 2.0
Soft Image Don’t Forget 1.22
Southway Multi IE 4.0-d72
Splash Data Splash ID 3.4
Syncdata Smartphone Find 1.0
Syncdata Smartphone Notes 2.0
The Core Pocket Media Player 0.71
TNT Contact Exporter 1.0
Tornado Low Light 1.01
Tornado Power Control 2.0 B4
Two Peaks Personal Vehicle Manager 2005 3.2
Vieka ESQL 2.11
VITO Audio Notes 1.2
VITO Copy Paste 1.1
VITO Popup Clock 1.0
VITO Ringtone Editor 1.1
VITO Task Switcher 2.0
Web IS Voice Minder 1.0.1024
Westtek Clear Vue Office 2.41.387.3
Westtek Clear Vue Suite 2.41.387.3
Westtek JETCET Print 3.01.375
WM5torage 1.73
Wm IRC 2.2
Xcite XS Finance 2.3
Xcite XS Portfolio 1.3
Xenict Phone Guard 1.08
Xetra XBar 3.2
Z4Soft PTab 3.0.2



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