Motorola Imei Changer

Work on this Motorola phones: tested by L6 work 100%
how it work battry fully charge press * # power connect cable
write imei change last 3 digits press write new imei it will take a mints done

Support :
C38x (R364_G)
C38x (R365_G)
C38x (R366_G)
C390 (R368_G)
C65x (R364_G)
C65x (R365_G)
C975 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx)
C975 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx)
C975 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
C980 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx)
C980 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx)
C980 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
E1 (R373_G)
E1070 (R25221LD_U)
E1070 (R252211LD_U)
E770 (R25221LD_U)
E770 (R252211LD_U)
E79x (R373_G)
L2 (R3511_G)
L2 (R3517_G)
L6 (R3511_G)
L6 (R3517_G)
L6 (R3443H1_G)
L7 (R4513_G)
L7 (R44419_G)
L7 (R4517_G)
U6 PEBL (R478_G)
V3 RAZR (R374_G)
V3i (R479_G)
V3i (R4441D_G)
V3i (R47A_G)
V3i (R3443H3_G)
V3r (R4515_G)
V3r (R3443U2_G)
V3x (R25221LD_U)
V3x (R252211LD_U)
V3x (R25227LD_U)
V18x (R364_G)
V18x (R365_G)
V19x (R3511_G)
V19x (R3517_G)
V22x (R364_G)
V22x (R365_G)
V235 (R3512_G)
V360 (R4513_G)
V360 (R44419_G)
V360 (R4517_G)
V557 (R4512_G)
V975 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx)
V975 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx)
V975 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
V980 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx)
V980 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx)
V980 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
V1075 (R25221LD_U)
V1075 (R252211LD_U)
V1150 (R25221LD_U)
V1150 (R252211LD_U)

thanx to Frank Zeitler

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