QuickOffice Premier 6.0.208 S60v3 Unsigned Cracked BiNPDA

In addition, the 6.0 release includes new security features for using encrypted and password-protected Word and Excel documents. With these additions, Quickoffice continues to drive mobile professional productivity to new levels. Users now have unprecedented document access, reducing the need to store files on the phone while increasing security to protect documents stored locally.

Quickoffice 6.0 also adds several other new features, including a file manager that handles all file types and support for opening, editing and saving back to Zip files. In addition, Quickoffice enables users to view charts in Office 2007 Excel spreadsheets including real-time recalculation. The software suite is optimized for viewing and editing, and includes superior document ’round-trip’ capabilities to retain file formatting and maintain data integrity. Quickoffice has also updated its Adobe Mobile Reader for S60 with the latest Adobe engine, providing faster response and better handling of complex PDF documents.

In order to install “Unsigned” releases, you need to go trough a
one-time procedure. You will need to install the in the release
included “SecMan.v1.1.SiS”. This program allows you to install
our “Unsigned” releases which are released after 05-16-08,
without signing them every time. It also can do some hacking to
the platform security, such as disable and enable it again.

This app should work on almost all S60v3 OS9.1/9.2 devices.
Although, some newer firmwares block this method, so it will
not work there. Do not use this when you don’t know what
you’re doing. It may cause serious harm to your device.

When the installation is done, look in the Applications folder
on your phone, and find SecMan. Open it, follow instructions,
and after reboot open it again and click on “Install Root

Then you can install the .sis file by opening it on your device,
or on your pc using pc suite.

Please keep in mind, if you format / upgrade your phones
firmware, you’ll need to do this step again and after that
manually install those apps from Application Manager.

NOTE: To install previous unsigned releases, use RootSiGN v1.0
(Included in the BiNPDA.Security.Manager 1.10 release) first to
sign these releases with our root certificate.
Have fun with this release from team BiNPDA


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